William H. West


"In a dark time, the eye

begins to see."  C. Robert

Seattle, Tacoma,

Everett, Olympia

The hour glass is uniquely suited to the photographer's symbolic language. In it there is both a representation of feminine beauty as well as a vivid reminder that time spares no one.  Shoot now: the future is blossoming all around you and the present is vanishing in its wake.

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The first in a series of images exploring the macbre and taboo.

Photographie Nocturne

"I am jealous of the portrait you have painted of me. Why should it keep what I must lose? Every moment that passes takes something from me and gives something to it. Oh, if it were only the other way! If the picture could change, and I could be always what I am now!"


- Oscar Wilde,

The Picture of Dorian Gray